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Upcoming Litter(s)

"L" Litter vom Coraschatten

Litter Due July 1st, 2017

Elka vom Coraschatten 374/13

Whelp Date:  6/26/2013

Color:  Braunschimmel

Height:  61cm

Weight:  60lbs

Hip Rating:  A

VJP:  75 points 

HZP:  184 points

VGP:  292 points, Prize I TF 

NAVHDA NA:  112 points, Prize I

Type/Conformation/Coat:  sg/sg/sg

For more about Elka, please click HERE.

Hanno vom Coraschatten 66/15

Whelp Date:  3/12/2015

Color:  Braun/weißer Brustfleck

Height:  62cm

Weight:  70lbs

Hip Rating:  A

VJP:  72 points

HZP:  178 points

NAVHDA NA:  112 points, Prize I

Type/Conformation/Coat:  sg/sg/v

For more about Hanno, please click HERE.

Elka x Hanno Pedigree.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [69.3 KB]

We bred Elka vom Coraschatten to Hanno vom Coraschatten "Luger" in late April 2017.  The litter will be whelped on/around July 1st and be ready for new homes between August 26th and September 3rd.  This will be Elka's second litter. She produced 8 puppies in her first litter.  This will be Luger's first litter.  Elka is a braunschimmel dog and Luger is heterozygous brown so about half of the puppies in this litter will be braun/weißer Brustfleck while the other half will be schimmel (dunkelschimmel, braunschimmel, and hellschimmel are possible).

All of our puppies are registered with the Deutsch Langhaar Verband (parent club in Germany) and the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA).  The NAVHDA registration includes a breeding restriction which we will lift after the puppy has been certified for breeding by DL-GNA.  Puppies are de-wormed and have their first set of vaccinations before they leave our house.  We feel that leaving the dewclaws on the puppies is healthier than removing them so all of our pups retain their dewclaws.  Each puppy is also micro-chipped and tattooed.


The performance of our dogs is very important to us.  We ask each of our puppy buyers to commit to running our pups through a VJP (Spring Natural Ability Test).  You can find a description of the VJP at  The VJP is a 1-day test usually held in March or April of each year.  A puppy from our "L" litter would need to run in a VJP in the Spring of 2018.  


The health of our dogs is also very important to us.  Therefore, we also ask each of our puppy buyers to commit to x-raying the hips of their puppy after he/she turns 1 year of age.  Your local veterinarian will be able to complete these x-rays and costs usually range between $150 and $300.  Please be ready to commit to running a VJP and x-raying the hips of your new DL before asking us to reserve you a puppy.

We require a $350.00 nonrefundable deposit to reserve a puppy from our litters.  The total purchase price of our 2017 puppies is $1,350.00 (plus shipping if applicable).  Puppy buyers can select the gender and color of their puppy, but we will select their puppy from there.  We spend a lot of time with the pups each day so we feel it is best for us to match them up with their new owners.


We currently have 7 puppies reserved for this litter and will accept 1 more deposit.  If you are interested in getting a puppy in late August, please contact us.  You can also visit the DL-GNA website at to view other DL puppies available around the country.

As per club regulations, we require each of our puppy buyers to sign the DL-GNA Ownership Contract before taking their puppies home.
Adobe Acrobat document [45.9 KB]

We are DL-GNA members and adhere to their breeding regulations.

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