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Jakobi vom COraschatten "Kobi"

Kobi is a very sweet and willing boy.  He normally lives with his family in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  His owners ran him in a VJP in April 2017 and he did very well...earning Suchensieger (highest scoring dog in the test).  He particularly excelled in tracking.  His owners tried to force-fetch him to start preparing him for the HZP but Kobi is their first hunting dog and they were struggling to make progress.  So in late July, I offered to take Kobi into our house to jump-start force-fetch.  After almost two weeks, he had made significant progress.  We spoke with Kobi's owners and decided to keep Kobi for the rest of the summer to continue his training and run him through the HZP.  


Kobi is doing well in training.  He is a very mellow and lower-energy dog.  But he still loves to please.  He is a shadow dog that loves to be near me.  He is always laying at my feet in the house.  His quiet and well-mannered temperament in the house is truly a job to be around.  We have just started drags and field work with Kobi and everything looks promising.  We are excited to see how he develops the rest of the summer and run him through the HZP in September!

Kobi's Test Scoresheets

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