Deutsch Langhaar vom Coraschatten
Deutsch Langhaar vom Coraschatten


Please take some time to explore our links.  We feel they are useful if you are considering a Deutsch Langhaar.  We have included websites for a few other breeders, as well as Deutsch Langhaar breed clubs and testing organizations.  The VDD-GNA, JGV-USA, and NAVHDA websites are excellent places to learn more about testing.


We have also included links for a couple of online forums that are extremely useful if you have any training questions about your Deutsch Langhaar or any other gundog.  These forums are also very user-friendly.


Finally, we have included links for Craig Koshyk and Tim Feathers photography.  Both Craig and Tim have taken some outstanding photos of our dogs.


Deutsch Langhaar Breed Clubs:


Other Deutsch Langhaar Kennels:


Other German Hunting Dog Clubs:


Other Good Hunting Dog Sites:


Photography Sites:

We are DL-GNA members and adhere to their breeding regulations.

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