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We typically breed 1-2 litters per year. Because of the strict breeding standards for the breed, you can be sure that your langhaar will hunt, be a loving part of the family, and look nice doing it. Our breeding priority is to produce superior gundogs with cooperative demeanors. We aim to produce dogs that even a first-time owner can train and handle. Our dogs want to please you and training them should be easy. We keep in close contact with our puppy buyers and assist in training/testing when possible. We do this so we can have a good idea of what we are producing.


Since both of us have strong science backgrounds, we really like to think about genetics. We spend a lot of time researching which breedings will produce the best puppies. We feel that the biggest problem facing the Deutsch Langhaar is a small you will notice that many of our breedings involve imported dogs or breedings to foreign dogs to increase genetic diversity within the breed in North America. We carefully consider langhaars from the United States, Canada, and Germany that will match up with our personal breeding goals and those of the Deutsch Langhaar-Gruppe Nordamerika (DL-GNA; so not only does your Coraschatten puppy come from the finest hunting lines of Deutsch Langhaars in the world, but he/she will also be a superior gundog here in the varied terrain of the United States.


The DL-GNA has very strict breeding standards that we adhere to. Before any dog can be bred, he/she must pass a VJP (natural ability test) and a HZP (advanced hunting test). Most of these tests are held through JGV-USA ( and the Verein Deutsch Drahthaar-Group North America (VDD-GNA,  Langhaars must also have a team of breed judges rate the dog's type, coat, conformation, and temperament. Deutsch Langhaars are also required to be marked as loud on furred game and pass a hardness test by dispatching a furred predator.  Finally the hips must be evaluated by Dr. med. vet. Tellhelm at the Chirurgische Veterinary Clinic in Frankfurt and be rated as A, B, or C. To recap, before Deutsch Langhaars can be bred (and subsequently have their litters registered), they must have:


  • Passed a VJP
  • Passed a HZP
  • Good rated type (minimum)
  • Good rated conformation (minimum)
  • Good rated coat (minimum)
  • Passed a Hardness Test
  • Marked as Loud on furred game
  • Hips rated as A, B, or C


We also like to run our DLs through additional tests for further evaluation.  You will see that most of our personal dogs have also run through NAVHDA Natural Ability and Utility tests.  We also run our dogs through the VGP to ensure that they truly are versatile gun dogs capable of excelling in any hunting situation. 

We are DL-GNA members and adhere to their breeding regulations.

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