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"F" Litter vom Coraschatten

On February 13th, 2014, Bianca whelped 9 healthy puppies who were sired by Breager vom Whispering Winds. There are 3 males and 6 females.  All 3 of the male pups are solid brown in color.  Of the females, 4 are brown and 2 are brown with white chest patches.


These puppies now live in their hunting homes in Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Ontario.

Name Hip Rating VJP HZP Other
Falco A 67 - -
Fennec A 59 178

NAVHDA NA:  112 pts., Prize I

sg/sg/sg at the 2015 Breed Show

Certified for Breeding in November 2016

Finn A 70 164 NAVHDA NA:  112 pts., Prize I
Fauna - - - -
Fee - - - -
Fenna A - - -
Fina - 71 - -
Franka A 77 0, 188 (Vice-Suchensieger)

VGP: 300 points, Prize I TF (Suchensieger)

NAVHDA NA:  112 pts., Prize I

sg/sg/sg at the 2015 Breed Show

Certified for Breeding in November 2016

Freya A 71 179

NAVHDA NA:  112 pts., Prize I

g/sg/sg at the 2015 Breed Show

Certified for Breeding in January 2016


VC Bianca vom Coraschatten 351/11

Whelp Date:  10/11/2011

Color:  braun/weisser Brustfleck

Height:  60cm

Weight:  60lbs

Hip Rating:  A

VJP:  77 points

HZP:  161 points, 184 points

VGP:  316 points, Prize I TF (Totverwieser, Suchensieger, 4Hs in Nose and Search)

Type/Conformation/Coat:  sg/sg/sg

NAVHDA NA:  112 points, Prize I

NAVHDA UT:  195 points, Prize I

NAVHDA IT:  191 points, Pass

For more about Bianca, please click HERE.


Breager vom Whispering Winds 29/12

Whelp Date:  1/16/2012

Color:  braun/weisser Brustfleck

Height:  66cm

Weight:  75lbs

Hip Rating:  A

VJP:  74 points

HZP:  188 points

VGP:  298 points, Prize I TF

Type/Conformation/Coat:  v/sg/v

For more photos of Breager, please click HERE.

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7 Week Old Puppy Profile Photos


The "F" Litter in Their New Homes

Falco vom Coraschatten

Davenport, Iowa

Fennec vom Coraschatten "Hans"

Spirit Lake, Iowa

Finn vom Coraschatten

Uxbridge, Ontario

Fauna vom Coraschatten "Elli"

Stillwater, Oklahoma

Fee vom Coraschatten "Rosie"

Shaker Heights, Ohio

Fenna vom Coraschatten "Anna"

Reedsville, Wisconsin

Fina vom Coraschatten

Bettendorf, Iowa

Franka vom Coraschatten

Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Freya vom Coraschatten "Mattie"

West Bend, Wisconsin

We are DL-GNA members and adhere to their breeding regulations.

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