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Meet VC Bianca vom Coraschatten

When we first decided to breed Kaylee (Cora vom Illertal) to Ando vom Hollbaeck, we knew right away that we would want to keep a puppy from that litter.  It can be really challenging to select an 8-week old puppy, but we really love Kaylee and were hoping to get another dog just like her.  So we selected the puppy that most reminded us of Kaylee at the time and that happened to be Bianca.

Bianca is similar in appearance to her mother, but she has shown us that she is a totally different dog than her mother.  She was much more precocious than Kaylee was her at her age.  Bianca is a confident and bold girl.  She is super-affectionate and loves every person and every dog she meets.  She really enjoys swimming and retrieving.  She always has something in her mouth (toy, dummy, etc.) as she walks through the house.  She has always pointed strongly and is naturally steady.  In the field, she is a big-running dog that really uses her nose.

We were hoping that Bianca would be able to mirror many of her mother and father's accomplishments.  Her dam, Kaylee, is a hard-hunting dog in the field with a particular affinity for water work.  She was very easy to train due to her drive and her desire to please.  Bianca's sire, Ando, earned the best water work award at the 2010 Schorlemer with a 12 in the search behind the duck and 3rd place overall.  At his VGP, he earned 4Hs in the independent water search and pointing. 

Bianca certainly had some high expectations to live up to but she has really impressed us and done everything we coudl have ever hoped.  She earned a maximum score in her NAVHDA Natural Ability test (at 7 months) and then earned a NAVHDA Utility Prize I at just 10 months of age (2nd youngest UT Prize I dog of any breed in NAVHDA history)!  She capped off her NAVHDA career by passing the NAVHDA Invitational and earning the title of Versatile Champion at just 23 months of age (2nd youngest VC of any breed in NAVHDA history).  Bianca was also very impressive at her VJP when she earned 11s in every subject for a total score of 77 points!  She passed her HZP a year early when she was just 1 year old.  But perhaps most impressive was Bianca's VGP performance.  She earned 316 points out of 316 points possible.  She earned 4s in every subject, including 4Hs in search and use of nose.  She was also the first Deutsch Langhaar in North American to complete the Totverwiesen during her blood track at the VGP. 


We really enjoyed hunting with Bianca as well.  When she was only about 1 year of age, she proved to be a bird finding machine.  During one week that first October, she found 45 grouse.  Bianca also had the opportunity to retrieve several waterfowl.  Most were blind retrieves which she handled great.  Bianca also impressed us pheasant hunting in South Dakota and Nebraska.  She pinned many running roosters and had incredible stamina hunting every day for multiple days in cold, windy conditions.  She had no issues retrieving large jackrabbits to hand.  Bianca's second hunting season was great as well!  She bumped fewer grouse and made some more impressive retrieves.  Her speed, range, and stamina are second to none.  Unfortunately, we found out that Bianca had juvenile cataracts soon after her first (and only) litter was whelped.  We did not feel it would be responsible to breed a dog with juvenile cataracts so we had Bianca spayed and re-homed with a very nice family in central Wisconsin.

Bianca's Breeding Record

"F" Litter vom Coraschatten

Bianca vom Coraschatten x Breager vom Whispering Winds

February 13th, 2014

Name Hip Rating VJP HZP Other
Falco A 67 - -
Fennec A 59 178

NAVHDA NA:  112 pts., Prize I

sg/sg/sg at 2016 Breed Show

Certified for Breeding in November 2016

Finn A 70 164 NAVHDA NA:  112 pts., Prize I
Fauna - - - -
Fee - - - -
Fenna A - - -
Fina - 71 - -
Franka A 77 0, 188

VGP: 300 points, Prize 1 TF (Suchensieger)

NAVHDA NA:  112 pts., Prize I

sg/sg/sg at 2015 Breed Show

Certified for Breeding in November 2016

Freya A 71 179

NAVHDA NA:  112 pts., Prize I

g/sg/sg at 2015 Breed Show

Certified for Breeding in January 2016

67% (6 out of 9) pups tested VJP

44% (4 out of 9) pups tested HZP

11% (1 out of 9) pups tested VGP

Litter Average Passing VJP Score:  69.5 points

Litter Average Passing HZP Score:  177.3 points

Litter Average Passing VGP Score:  300.0 points


67% (6 out of 9) pups x-rayed

Bianca's Ahnentafel

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Bianca's Hunting Map

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Bianca's Test Scoresheets

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Bianca's VGP Score Sheet.pdf
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We are DL-GNA members and adhere to their breeding regulations.

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