Deutsch Langhaars vom Coraschatten
Deutsch Langhaars vom Coraschatten

Meet Oilleli von der Schmiede ("Elli")

Elli arrived from Germany in December 2009.  We were very excited to add her new bloodline to the Deutsch Langhaar genepool in the United States.  


Elli's dam is from one of the top kennels in Austria that has been producing top-quality langhaars for years.  Wasserplatz dogs are particularly known for being easy to train, quick to mature, and strong in the water.  Elli's sire is a beautiful dog from a small family kennel in Germany.  He is recognized as a dog with a nice mellow temperament and an incredibly intense point.  We were not planning to get a new puppy in late 2009, but we could not resist a puppy from this combination :-)


In the April 2010 DL-GNA breed show, Elli won best puppy in the 6-12 month old age class.  At the November 2011 DL-GNA Breed Show, Elli received excellent ratings for type and conformation and a very good rating for her dense, harsh, tight-fitting coat.


Elli is a very fast-maturing evidenced by her ability to attain good scores in her VJP and HZP a year earlier than most dogs.  She has a very intense point, a strong love of water, and she is a reliable retriever.  She is also very calm, quiet, and easy to train.  She was naturally backing our other dogs on point by 5 months of age.  She was a mostly-finished dog by the time she hunted her first wild game in the fall of 2010 (at 11 months of age).  We have hunted her primarily on grouse, woodcock, and waterfowl in Wisconsin, as well as pheasants (and jackrabbits) in South Dakota and pheasants, quail, and rabbits in Nebraska.  Her ability to track wounded pheasants in South Dakota was especially impressive.  The combination of Elli's stylish point, incredible tracking ability, and her calm demeanor make her a very special dog.

You can find a photo of Elli featured on page 211 of the book: Pointing Dogs Volume 1: The Continentals by Craig Koshyk.  Elli's photo is one of a handful of photographs chosen to represent the breed in the chapter on German Longhaired Pointers/Deutsch Langhaars.  You can also find a photo of Elli in the November 2011 issue of Gun Dog Magazine.

Elli's Ahnentafel

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Elli's Hunting Map

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Elli's Test Scoresheets

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Miscellaneous Documents

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We are DL-GNA members and adhere to their breeding regulations.

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