Deutsch Langhaars vom Coraschatten
Deutsch Langhaars vom Coraschatten

Meet Cora vom Illertal ("Kaylee")

Kaylee was our first Deutsch Langhaar and will always be our favorite.  She is that once in a lifetime dog that everyone dreams about which is why we named our kennel after her.  Kaylee is a very sweet girl with that switch that allows her to be calm and well-mannered in the house but passionate and driven in the field. 


When Kaylee took her HZP test, she received the highest score ever recorded by a Deutsch Langhaar in America.  She was also one of the highest scoring of any breed in the HZP that year.  The German judges at her test called her the "best langhaar in America".  At the 2010 DL-GNA breed show, Kaylee was rated "excellent" in every category and was awarded 1st place of all DLs of all ages.  And then in her VGP, Kaylee just missed attaining a maximum score by 1 point.  Kaylee definitely has the entire package as a gundog with both her good looks and her hunting ability.


While Kaylee is an incredibly talented gundog, the thing that really sets her apart is her disposition.  Kaylee is the calmest, sweetest dog we have ever seen.  She has been the calmest dog at every test and training day we have ever attended.  She is also very cooperative and very easy to train.  When we started training Kaylee for advanced tests, we only spent 2 days with her on a check cord before she was completely steady to wing, shot, and fall.   


Kaylee's favorite thing in the world is duck hunting.  Although she can sit quietly in a duck blind for hours, the moment she hits the water for a retrieve, she lets out whimpers of anticipation.  As she closes in on the duck, she bays in excitement until the duck is safely secured in her mouth.  Kaylee has also been hunted on ruffed grouse, woodcock, waterfowl, pheasants, rabbits, and doves in Wisconsin, pheasants, quail, prairie chickens, sharptail grouse, and rabbits (cottontails and jackrabbits) in Nebraska, pheasants in Iowa, pheasants in South Dakota, and sage grouse in Wyoming.  


Kaylee has been featured in The Versatile Hunting Dog, a monthly magazine published by the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA).  You can view a copy of Kaylee's article in The Versatile Hunting Dog below.  You can also see her pictured in the 2008 November/December issue of the Pointing Dog Journal.

Kaylee's Ahnentafel

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Kaylee's Hunting Map

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Kaylee's Test Scoresheets

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Miscellaneous Documents

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We are DL-GNA members and adhere to their breeding regulations.

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