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Meet Leah vom Coraschatten

When we decided to breed Elka vom Coraschatten to Hanno vom Coraschatten "Luger", we were eager to keep a puppy.  This breeding combined lines out of our first Deutsch Langhaar, Cora vom Illertal "Kaylee", and the first Deutsch Langhaar that we imported, Oilleli von der Schmiede "Elli".  More specifically, Elka is a very sweet-natured and cooperative girl with a powerful build.  Luger is a very handsome and talented boy.  We were hoping that this combination would produce strongly-built dogs with classic temperaments.  


It is always hard to select one puppy from a litter to keep.  We went back and forth numerous times over the 8 weeks that we raised this litter.  Ultimately, we decided to keep Leah.  She had the heaviest build in the litter with a huge chest and strong leg bones.  She won us over with her beautiful head, her calm temperament, and her eagerness to tackle everything we threw at her.  She was the first puppy to retrieve the chukar, duck, and squirrel we shared with the puppies.  And she was swimming in deep water within 2 minutes of her first introduction to a pond.  She surprised us by locking up on point the first time that she was exposed to a live chukar as well.  She seems to have an immense amount of natural ability.  And she is showing that ideal balance of sweet and bold that we are looking for.  

Leah's Ahnentafel

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Leah's Hunting Map

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Leah's Test Scoresheets

We are DL-GNA members and adhere to their breeding regulations.

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