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Meet Levis vom Veybach ("LUKE")

We were not planning to get a new male puppy in 2016.  But then we received an unexpected email from Isabell Riedling, Luke's breeder.  She had a litter of pups on the ground and she offered to "gift" Luke to us.  She said that she wanted to help build the Deutsch Langhaar breed in North America.  She then asked if we would be willing to send a puppy back to her out of Luke after he gets certified for breeding.  We could not refuse such a generous and exciting offer.  It is flattering enough to be given a nice puppy from a great breeding, but even more thrilling to think that this could be the start of some American genes going back to Germany!


We picked up Luke and his brother, Lakota, from the airport in August 2016.  Both puppies were bold and friendly, but yet sweet and cooperative.  They both had short backs and dark tight-fitting coats often passed down by their grandfather, Greif vom Reitbach.  We kept Luke at our house and placed his brother with a friend and DL-GNA member in Wisconsin.  Luke has developed into a well-built boy like his father, Caj von Alt-Huemmling.  He loves to retrieve and has a nice search and point.  His best quality is his temperament.  Luke is as bomb-proof as they come in regards to temperament.  He is sweet and cooperative and really wants to please.  He is super-friendly with every person and dog he meets.  He is even friendly enough to diffuse aggressive dogs that he meets.  


Luke stumbled a bit during his VJP (Spring Puppy Test).  He scored very well in search, pointing, and cooperation.  But he is more of an air-scenting dog than a ground-scenting dog and as such, did not perform as well as we had hoped in tracking rabbits.  When he flushed a rabbit, he did show great desire by chasing and barking after it (he was marked as sight-loud).  


During Luke's first HZP, he was pretty anxious on test day and that anxiety manifested into a retrieving issue.  Luckily, we had the opportunity to re-run him in another HZP one week later.  He was much calmer during his second attempt at the test and performed just as well as we had expected with him after training all summer.  He showed an especially impressive live duck search (expanding nearly 400 meters back into the pond) and a beautiful field search.  And his retrieves were flawless.  This earned him the highest score of the test and tied him (with his brother) for the highest HZP score of any Deutsch Langhaar in the country in 2017.  


Luke was primarily hunted on prairie grouse (Prairie Chickens and Sharp-Tailed Grouse) in his first hunting season.  He proved to be very adept at hunting these birds with his wide-ranging search covering ground quickly in the Nebraska Sandhills.  We also took Luke to South Dakota for a few days of pheasant hunting.  Luke was eager to hunt for whoever happened to be hunting near him.  He pointed and retrieved several pheasants for other hunters as well as ourselves.  And his temperament was flawless with all of the other dogs (including a lot of males) present.  


Luke completed his breeding certification in November 2017.  We are very excited to see if he will produce handsome, high-drive puppies like himself.  We are planning to complete Luke's training and run him in the VGP in Fall 2018.  Now that he has matured more, he is much better at tracking and we look forward to blood-tracking with him and reviewing everything else he learned last summer to get him through the VGP this year.

Luke's Breeding Record

"A" Litter vom Obenstaat

Levis vom Veybach "Luke" x Jade vom Coraschatten

Whelp Date: April 14th, 2018

Name Hip Rating VJP HZP Other

Luke's Ahnentafel

Ahnentafel for Levis v Veybach.pdf
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Luke's Hunting Map

JPG image [546.5 KB]

Luke's test Scoresheets

Luke's VJP Scoresheet.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.2 MB]
Luke's HZP Scoresheet.pdf
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Luke's MO HZP Scoresheet.pdf
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Luke's Breed Show Scoresheets

Luke's 2017 Breed Show Score Sheet
These are preliminary ratings since Luke was less than 18 months of age.
LevisVVeybach-1st Breed Show.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [861.3 KB]
Luke's 2018 Breed Show Score Sheet
These are Luke's final breed show ratings since he completed this breed show after turning 18 months of age.
LevisVVeybach-2nd Breed Show.pdf
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We are DL-GNA members and adhere to their breeding regulations.

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