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Balto vom Coraschatten

Balto is a handsome boy from the B litter vom Coraschatten.  He lives with his family in Ohio.  His owner ran him through the VJP and HZP in 2013.  Unfortunately, he did not finish force-fetching Balto so he failed the HZP.  He asked if we would be able to finish force-fetching Balto and train him for the VGP.  So in late June 2014, Balto came to stay with us for two months.  The plan was to finish his training to run him in a NAVHDA Utility test and the VGP before he returned home to Ohio on Labor Day weekend.


Balto is a very handsome and highly-driven dog.  We could see immediately that he had a lot of talent in the field and in the water.  Really, he was only lacking in some obedience and exposure to forest work.  We spent two months with Balto finishing up his force-fetch, teaching him to blood track, and preparing him for those two tests.  At his NAVHDA Utility test, he did a great job earning 4s in most categories.  His only slip-ups were containing his excitement to heel perfectly and assisting Cortney in flushing his 5th bird in the field (after handling the first 4 birds with perfect manners).  He finished the test with 198 points and a Prize II.  The following weekend, Cortney ran Balto in a VGP.  The extra week of training really paid off and Hans performed flawlessly throughout the VGP.  He earned 4s in every subject except the obedience during the driven hunt.  And the only reason he recieved a 3 in that category was because Cortney cautiously kept him on leash during this portion of the test.


We were very happy to see Balto do so well in his testing.  He is now back home in Ohio with his family where he enjoys hunting pheasants and waterfowl.  His owner re-ran him in a NAVHDA Utility Test about a month after getting him back and Hans earned a great score of 200 points and a Prize I.

Balto's Test Scoresheets

Balto's VGP Score Sheet.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [241.9 KB]
Balto' NAVHDA UT Scores.pdf
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