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Colt vom Hollbäck

We imported Colt from Germany in late June 2010.  We raised him for about 6 months befor placing him with our friend Jason.  Jason ran Colt in a VJP before returning him to us to train for the HZP.  We had one month to prepare Colt for his HZP.  Scott initially took on training/handling Colt but did not quite finish force-fetching him.  The first time Colt took his HZP, his retrieves were all sloppy and he eventually failed when he did not complete the retrieve of the live duck.  Cortney took over Colt's training for 1 week and finished force-fetching him.  The weekend after his first HZP, Colt was able to pass his second HZP.


Colt is a very happy-go-lucky fellow.  He is bold and yet very affectionate.  Colt has always shown strong pointing instincts, an insane love of the water, a great field search, and a strong desire to please.  Colt also inherited his mother and father's excellent type and conformation earning him the "Best Male" award at the 2011 DL-GNA Breed Show.  He has great bone, super-dark pigment, a beautiful head, and an excellent coat.  Colt has been hunted on grouse, woodcock, rabbits, and waterfowl in Wisconsin as well as pheasants and sharptailed grouse in South Dakota.  He now lives in southeastern Wisconsin with our friend Jason. 

Colt's Pedigree

Colt's Ahnentafel.pdf
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Colt's Test Scoresheets

Colt's HZP Scoresheet.pdf
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Colt's 2nd HZP Scoresheet.pdf
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We are DL-GNA members and adhere to their breeding regulations.

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