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We whelped Mauser's litter in May of 2013.  Later that summer, he traveled to his new home in Long Island, New York.  His owner ran him through a VJP in the spring of 2014, but was struggling to find a HZP to enter that fall.  He also needed some assistance to finish force-fetching Mauser.  We were able to make arrangements with another puppy buyer in Ohio to assist us in training/transporting Mauser.  Mauser's owner drove him to Ohio where our other puppy buyer trained with him for a couple of weeks before meeting us in Wisconsin on Labor Day weekend.  We then had just over one week to train with Mauser before running him in the Oberlaender HZP.


During his short time with us, Mauser impressed up immensely.  While some of the HZP subjects were obviously new to him, he was a fast learner and had a strong desire to please.  Despite having his third handler in as many weeks, he bonded quickly to Cortney and worked hard for her.  With quick training sessions every day, he became steady up until the flush, completed force-fetch, and built a ton of confidence on his water searches.  When the HZP test day arrived, Mauser performed very well earning 10s in most categories with a 11s in nose and pointing. 


Mauser is now back in New York with his family where he enjoys pheasant hunting almost every weekend with the occasional duck hunt or grouse hunt thrown in.


We have to reiterate again how impressed we were with Mauser in his short time with us.  For a dog to perform so well in a testing situation having only met his handler a week before was extraordinary.  He was an absolute pleasure for us to keep in the house with our dogs as well.  

Mauser's Pedigree

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Mauser's Test Scoresheets

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