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Husker vom Coraschatten "Huck"

We whelped Huck's litter in March of 2015.  Later that summer, he traveled to his new home in Longmont, Colorado.  His owner ran him through a VJP in the spring of 2016, but as a police officer, he did not have the time to complete Huck's training for the HZP or VGP.  We picked up Huck on Memorial Day weekend and spent the rest of the summer preparing him for the HZP and VGP.  


We have really enjoyed our time with Huck.  He is a very sweet and charming boy who loves everyone he meets.  He was able to complete our force-fetch program in about 3 weeks due to his super-cooperative temperament.  This boy just wants to please so badly!  He is a closer-working, methodical dog in both the field and tracking work.  He's an easy dog to handle and very obedient.  His training progressed very well for both tests as he is as happy to pick up a 10lb fox to deliver to hand as he is to bring us back a freshly-shot chukar. 


Huck had a little bit of bad luck right before his HZP.  Seven days before the test, he was limping a little and a trip to the vet confirmed that he had panosteitis.  The vet gave us some painkillers and advised we give Huck a full two weeks off with no training or testing.  Unfortunately, it was going to be very difficult to get him into another test.  So we kept Huck on "bed-rest" for 7 days and did not let him do any training or running until the HZP.  Consequently, when I let him off the leash to search the field on the morning of the test, he took off like I have never seen him run before.  He was so excited to finally run around that he lost his head a bit in the field.  He still pointed nicely, but he was over-running his nose and working pretty independently of me (very unusual for him).  So we ended up with an 8 in search, a 9 in nose, and a 10 in pointing after Huck's first time off leash in a week.  His retrieves were perfect all day.  He only had one other small hiccup when he decided to take the scenic route for the blind retrieve rather than taking the initial line I had sent him on.  So we earned an 8 in the blind retrieve.  All of his other scores were 10 for a total of 171 points.


Huck ran in his VGP the weekend following his HZP.  He put on a great performance there with only minor hiccups.  He was a little too excited early in the morning of the first day so he got dinged on his Dense Cover Search for not hunting in close enough contact with me.  He showed excellent work in the field and the judges were particularly complimentary on his blood track (which he absolutely aced).  Huck's final score was 301 points and a Prize I TF.  He was the youngest dog of six to run in the VGP that weekend and he earned the second highest score.  He really performed very well.  After completing that test, he returned to his owners where he will get to spend each fall hunting waterfowl and upland game.


Huck is a big handsome, easy-going fellow that should pair up nicely with some Deutsch Langhaar bitches in the club.  We hope to see him bred so he can pass on his cooperative and laid-back temperament that should make his puppies easy to train and happy to hunt.

Huck's Pedigree

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Huck's Test Scoresheets

Husker's HZP Scoresheet
Completed Formblatt 5 for Husker v Coras[...]
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Husker's VGP Scoresheet
Huck's VGP Scoresheet.pdf
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