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Kayla vom Coraschatten "Kit"

Kit is a sweetheart of a dog that came to us in March for some VJP training and testing.  She is a big-running dog with a great nose and a ton of point.  It only took a few training sessions for her to handle well and hunt for us.  While she did not have a lot of tracking experience when she arrived, she picked it up quickly.  Kit does everything at top-speed which is not always the most conducive to a good track.  But she has such a good nose that even if she overruns a track at top speed, she is able to come back to hit it again and take it further.  S


Kit has a great temperament and loves every dog and person she meets.  In the house, she has been well-mannered and fairly obedient.  She is a quiet and cooperative dog, but yet still has some puppy energy.  Overall, she has been a fun dog to have at our house for a few weeks and we feel like the "K" litter must be pretty good if the littermates are anything like Kit.

Kit's Pedigree

Franka x Ajax Pedigree.pdf
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Kit's Test Scoresheets

Kit's VJP Scoresheet.pdf
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We are DL-GNA members and adhere to their breeding regulations.

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