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Meet Klaus vom Illertal "Kobi"

We whelped Huck (Husker vom Coraschatten) in March 2015 and got him back to train for his HZP and VGP in late summer/fall 2016. In March 2019, his son, Kobi (Klaus vom Illertal) came to our house for force-fetch training and some VJP preparation.  We really enjoyed training with Huck and were excited to have the opportunity to train one of his sons.  We quickly discovered that Kobi is a very different dog than his father.  He is much more energetic with a more playful personality.  He is, however, just as easy to train as his father.  He took to force-fetch very well and progressed very quickly through all of the steps.  He is taking hand signals well and has learned to do HZP drags with furred and feathered game.  And we have just started introducing Kobi to pigeons and pointing work.  When he goes home at the end of the month, he should have all of the tools to do well at his VJP, in addition to being ready for his HZP except for water-work.  

Kobi's Pedigree

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We are DL-GNA members and adhere to their breeding regulations.

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